Our Story.

Combining our love for beautiful Fashion + Travel, our collections are inspired by styles of women that live in countries and cities from different parts of the world.

At Travel Inspired Styles, we’re dedicated to bring you quality and unique fashion, where you can shop styles by your favorite destination.

We know that it is important to have the perfect outfit for every occasion, from fine dining date nights to lazy Sunday catch ups, so we make sure that we always have something that’s right for you.


Our Mission.

Our mission at TIStyles is for every girl to Discover the World through Fashion, where each design is specially chosen for you to:

~ Live in her shoes ~ Experience her lifestyle ~ See her world through fashion ~

Regardless of where she lives in the world, we ensure that all TIStyles girls have access to gorgeous styles with our worldwide delivery. And even better, we’ve made shipping free! – Why? Because we believe that every girl deserves an amazing wardrobe to get through her everyday life looking fabulous!

“We’re all about making YOU feel Powerful, Confident & Sexy,

with Styles Inspired by Women Around The World”



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